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Must Have Gadgets For Every Tech Loving Traveler

You like your gadgets and you like your tech but you’re also constantly on the move and it seems like you’re always going somewhere. Moving around however doesn’t need to mean that you won’t get the time for all your cool gadgets and trinkets to play with. Quite the contrary, there are gadgets designed specifically for the traveling bunch any of you happen to be one of them then perhaps you might find just what you’re looking for to accompany you on your next voyage. Let’s see what we have.



If your smart phone or other similar device is an everyday part of your life and you absolutely can’t live without being online then goTenna is a perfect companion for you!

This portable device was inspired and created by mirroring the disaster rescue and recovery operations technology. Its sole purpose is to enable smart phones like Android and iOS stay connected on their carrier network even when that is impossible by any other means.

From what I understand it establishes a two-way connection with your smart phone thus enabling you to send and receive messages and location data instantaneously within a range of up to 50 miles without any sort of interferences.

Pretty handy if you’re planning on getting lost!



getting lost in the open is rivaled only by getting lost in the dark. None of us are actually fond of this and the pretty much everyone I know will do everything they can to prevent this from happening. Now if you’re lost somewhere and it just so happens that it’s dark you can probably always use your phones flash to light your way but in case your cell battery is running out you probably shouldn’t do that. Instead you should use the solar powered inflatable light, luminAID.

This is a very handy attainable source of light for your nighttime adventures, or any adventures that eventually end up as nighttime.

Basically all you need to do is just strap it on to your backpack they and after 6 or so hours in sunlight it will charge and produce up to 16 hours of pure LED brilliance to guide your path in the darkness. The fact that it’s waterproof and extremely lightweight make it oh so more desirable companion.


Cherry Wood BoomCase

Traveling can also be fun, especially if you’re traveling with friends. Instead of worrying about getting lost or being able to find your way back you should worry about having a good time instead, no? For all those travels that are not that much adventuristic in nature but rather just a way to blow off some steam I can’t recommend this portable suitcase exterior system enough!

What’s not to like?! It’s a must-have for every partygoer and fun seeker!

The design to nowhere other than San Francisco, this retro looking rechargeable suitcase is what you need to spice up and escalate every outdoor party event to a whole new level! Just keep in mind that safety comes first and playing loud music in an completely unknown area is probably not the smartest thing to do.


So there we have it. A humblest of a very cool gadgets that should make your next trip that much more interesting. Hope it was worth the read and that you found something you like for yourself, or someone else for that matter.

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